Aug 24, 2009

Walking on the Moon

Some would claim it's unfair to post this bassline Sting before paying tribute to some great Reggae bassists that have, undoubtedly, influenced his band. However, I was a bit of a fan of The Police back in the days, and this particular song has one of the first lines I've learned how to play.

I know: This song is from 1979, but I have labelled it 1980s. Can I do that? It was released just a couple of months before the first days of that decade, anyway.

Oh, and I've read somewhere that Sting used a fretless bass on this one (and many others).

Song: Walking On The Moon
Artist / Band: The Police
Album: Reggatta de Blanc
Bass: Sting
Year: 1979

Bass tab (external link)

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