Dec 22, 2009

End of Year Hiatus

Let's have a break, shall we? During this time of year, is harder to post updates. See you in 2010. Happy holidays, everyone!

Above, a bass lesson with Sir Paul McCartney (in case you haven't seen this yet).

Dec 18, 2009

Come Together

In a rush, but just for the record: this is a great bassline!

You know the band. You know the album.

(The Beatles, Abbey Road. Yes. Paul McCartney)

Dec 17, 2009


This song, bassline included, sounds like it was released in the year-title. However, it's a recent recording by James Blunt.
I like the way the bass sounds low and deep on this one.

Song: 1973
Artist / Band: James Blunt
Album: All the Lost Sould
Bass: Malcom Moore
Year: 2007

bass tab (external link)

Dec 16, 2009

Blue Monk

Here's another bass trio. I remember when I bought this cd. Ray Brown, Christian McBride and John Clayton simultaneously playing their double basses.

The cd was very appropriately called Superbass. Blue Monk was one of its songs.

Dec 15, 2009

Brown + Meyer + Wooten

Amazing video! Three legends - Ray Brown, Edgar Meyer and Victor Wooten playing together. a jazz bassist, a classical bassist and an electric bassist. All of the, top of their categories.

If anyone knows where to find this recording, please drop a comment.

Dec 14, 2009

Sunny Afternoon

Don't you love chromatic scales? Great song by The Kinks - a band that was missing here.

Song: Sunny Afternoon
Artist / Band: The Kinks
Album: Face to Face
Bass: Pete Quaif
Year: 1966

bass tab (external link)

Dec 11, 2009

Bela Lugosi's Dead

Classic Gothic bass line. A simple bass line where tone and feeling matter a lot.

Song: Bela Lugosi's Dead
Artist / Band: Bauhaus
Album: Bela Lugosi's Dead (single)
Bass: David J
Year: 1979

bass tab (external link)

Dec 10, 2009

Some Kind of Wonderful

Suggested by TB user Hankzazoid, this is a song I have actually covered on a gig - and have completely forgotten ever since.

Song: Every Breath You Take
Artist / Band: Grand Funk Railroad
Album: All the Girls in the World Beware!!!
Bass: Mel Schacher
Year: 1974

bass tab (external link)

Dec 9, 2009

Every Breath You Take

You see, easy bass lines and root notes are, sometimes, the best solutions to songs. Even the most celebrated bass players use them. Here's an example of that. Suggested by TB member Elrend.

Additional note: Perhaps you can make this line harder by playing it, as Sting did, on a double bass.

Song: Every Breath You Take
Artist / Band: The Police
Album: Synchronicity
Bass: Sting
Year: 1983

bass tab (external link)

Dec 8, 2009


Picked up by TB user Bass Player 48. This is simple enough to be considered "easy" - although it is "hard" easy - you have to watch for rhythm, as warned by someone - not jason.
The first big hit by Radiohead, on their debut album.

Song: Creep
Artist / Band: Radiohead
Album: Pablo Honey
Bass: Colin Greenwood
Year: 1992

bass tab (external link)

Dec 7, 2009

Louie Louie

Ok, I'll call this week "Easy Week". Nice songs with really easy basslines, selected by myself and a couple of other Talk Bass members. I'll start with my own pick, Louie Louie - only root notes on this bass line.

Song: Louie Louie
Artist / Band: Richard Berry and The Pharaohs
Album: Louie Louie (single)
Bass: The bass player for The Pharaohs (if you know his name, please post a comment)
Year: 1957

bass tab (external link) Not that you really need it...

Dec 4, 2009

Embarrassingly Empty Poll #1: Which genres would you like to see more here?


Another one from Abbey Road, this time by George. Something is one of the most beautiful songs by any Beatle, and McCartney's line is fantastic and, in my opinion, very underappreciated. Melodic as ever, and never clashing with George Harrison's guitar. The solo part is almost like two solos in one (guitar and bass).

Well, there'll be a day when every Abbey Song will have been covered by this blog. The bass of every song in that album is fantastic.

The very rare promo video is quite a finding, as well.

Song: Something
Artist / Band: The Beatles
Album: Abbey Road
Bass: Paul McCartney
Year: 1969

bass tab (external link)

Dec 3, 2009

So Much to Say

DMB has a new single going on (called Funny the Way It Is), which served as a reminder for me to post something played by their great bass player Stefan Lessard. He was just 16 when he entered the band - quite an achievement. His melodies and rhythm are always very interesting and precise.

Song: So Much to Say
Artist / Band: Dave Matthews Band
Album: Crash
Bass: Stefan Lessard
Year: 1996

bass tab (external link)

Dec 2, 2009

Glamour Boys

I remember when this one was released. Suddenly, everyone was talking about how great the bass line was.

I am not sure exactly why, and I am quite sure it was not intentional, but this song has a Brazilian music feel. No wonder they were/are so popular over here!

Song: Glamour Boys
Artist / Band: Living Colour
Album: Vivid
Bass: Muzz Skillings
Year: 1988

bass tab (external link)

Dec 1, 2009

Pain Lies on the Riverside

I am not sure why or if this is relevant at all, but lots of non-bassist friends of mine love this bassline. I was never a Live fan, but I have to agree that this bass line is contagious!

Song: Pain Lies on the Riverside
Artist / Band: Live
Album: Mental Jewelery
Bass: Patrick Dalheimer
Year: 1991

bass tab (external link)