Oct 30, 2009

Cry Baby Cry

This is one of my favorite Beatles' songs, and this is very much about the bassline, too - listen to how it grows from the beginning to the end of the song. This is our week's Paul McCartney.

Song: Cry Baby Cry
Artist / Band: The Beatles
Album: The Beatles (White Album)
Bass: Paul McCartney
Year: 1968

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 29, 2009

Você Me Faz Continuar

Remember our post on The Beatles' Baby You're a Rich Man? This bassline for Cachorro Grande's song is, to me, a direct descendant of McCartney`s - and still a highly original line by Rodolfo Krieger.

Song: Você Me Faz Continuar
Artist / Band: Cachorro Grande
Album: Todos os Tempos
Bass: Todos os Tempos
Year: 2007

If you know where to find the bass tabs, please let us know! :)

Oct 28, 2009

Around the World

Yesterday we've listened to Chic's Good Times. Today, we listen to a song that seems to be highly influenced by that one, almost twenty years later. Electronic was possibly the 'new disco', by then. Now, I am not an electronic fan - this is our first post on this style - there are a few electronic bands I like. But I have to admit - this bassline is great - you can play it for hours and not feel tired - and the bass tone, perfect. Even if it is a synth (is it?)

Song: Around the World
Artist / Band: Daft Punk
Album: Homework
Bass: Daft Punk (?)
Year: 1997

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 27, 2009

Good Times

Disco is another musical style where the bass is very important. And here's a bassline from that genre that has become very influential not only to disco, but also pop, rock and hip-hop.

Song: Good Times
Artist / Band: Chic
Album: Risqué
Bass: Bernard Edwards
Year: 1979

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 26, 2009

Off-Topic: Follower Day

I've been thinking: since we have a Google Follower thing going on, why not open a day of the month (or more) for suggestions by those who follow this blog?

If you are a Follower, listed in the end of the blog, please send me your suggestion in the comments section for this post. I need to know about new basslines too!

All you need to send: the name of the song, the link for it on youtube, a brief comment on the song and a bit about yourself (optional).


I Will Survive

This one is very fun to play. Damiani's bassline sets the excellent tone of Cake's version of I Will Survive.

Song: I Will Survive
Artist / Band: Cakes
Album: Fashion Nugget
Bass: Victor Damiani
Year: 1996

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 23, 2009

Baby You're a Rich Man

This one is to demonstrate how McCartney and The Beatles were not only concerned about the meldy, but also about tone. The way his bass sounds in this song is still amazing - and, I guess, unheard back then.

Song: Baby You're a Rich Man
Artist / Band: The Beatles
Album: Magical Mystery Tour
Bass: Paul Webb
Year: 1984

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 22, 2009

It`s My Life

I bet you it was No Doubt's bass player idea to cover this song - it`s a great bassline that sounds like fun to play. Here's the original version, by Talk Talk. Pop bass done the right way.

Song: It's My Life
Artist / Band: Talk Talk
Album: It's My Life
Bass: Paul Webb
Year: 1984

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 21, 2009


Nó em Pingo D'Água is a band that plays a mix of samba, choro and jazz. Their version of Jacob do Bandolin's "Assanhado" is a good example of their style - and of their basslines. Papito, the bassist for the band, is a phenomenal player and musician.

Song: Assanhado
Artist / Band: Nó em Pingo D'Água
Album: Receita de Samba
Bass: Papito
Year: 1991

Oct 20, 2009

Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

Yes, it's a boyband. Yes, it's purely commercial. But hey, that's a nice bass riff.
Jaco Pastorius one day, Backstreet Boys the next. We can't get more eclectic than that!

Song: Everybody
Artist / Band: Backstreet Boys
Album: Backstreet's Back
Bass: If you know who plays the bass on this song, drop us a comment!
Year: 1997

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 19, 2009

Donna Lee

The first track on the first album by a bass genius who was first in many, many aspects. This is a cover of a Miles Davis song, played with bass and congas only.

Song: Donna Lee
Artist / Band: Jaco Pastorius
Album: Jaco Pastorius
Bass: Jaco Pastorius
Year: 1976

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 16, 2009


Eventually you'll find basslines you love in songs you, well, don't like that much. Roundabout, by Yes, is such case for me.
Chris Squire is amazing on this one, though.

Song: Roundabout
Artist / Band: Yes
Album: Fragile
Bass: Chris Squire
Year: 1971

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 15, 2009

Envelheço na Cidade

And now for something completely different...

This song is here for a number of reasons: It's a Brazilian rock song from the eighties, by the closer we'll ever get to a Brazilian mod band. Plus, the bass player (Ricardo Gaspa) is, in my opinion, a bit of an unsung hero - he deserves much more credit and praise for his work than he usually gets.

Song: Envelheço na Cidade
Artist / Band: Ira!
Album: Vivendo e Não Aprendendo
Bass: Ricardo Gaspa
Year: 1986

Bass tab (external link)

Penny Lane

No week is complete without some Paul McCartney. So threr it is: Penny Lane. The four initial notes on thie bass line are fenomenal.

Sorry for the late post!

Song: Penny Lane
Artist / Band: The Beatles
Album: Magical History Tour
Bass: Paul McCartney
Year: 1967

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 13, 2009

Prophet 15

This song can instantly throw the listener into a dreamy state of mind - of course the lyrics help, but the bassline is anohter strong reason, I think.

Another good Supergrass bassline is in Evening of the Day. Let's save that for another post.

Song: Prophet 15
Artist / Band: Supergrass
Album: Life on Other Planets
Bass: Mick Quinn
Year: 2002

Oct 12, 2009


The Jam's Start! was actually built around The Beatles' Taxman's bass and guitar riff. Still a great song on its own.

Song: Start!
Artist / Band: The Jam
Album: Sound Affects
Bass: Bruce Foxton
Year: 1980

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 10, 2009


No week is perfect without The Beatles and McCartney's bass. So here is Taxman. I'll save my next post for The Jam's "Start" - so we can see how it was influenced by this bassline.

Song: Taxman
Artist / Band: The Beatles
Album: Revolver
Bass: Paul McCartney
Year: 1966

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 8, 2009


Another great bassline from Flea. How hard it must be to slap as good as this.

Song: Aeroplane
Artist / Band: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Album: One Hot Minute
Bass: Flea
Year: 1995

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 7, 2009

There There. (The Boney King of Nowhere.)

Another Radiohead song with a killer rhythmic section. Percussion/Drums and Bass creating the perfect atmosphere for a song (and a videoclip) like this one.

Song: There There. (The Boney King of Nowhere.)
Artist / Band: Radiohead
Album: Hail to the Thief
Bass: Colin Greenwood
Year: 2003

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 6, 2009

So What

A great bassline with a great melody that perfectly complements everything else in the song.

Song: So What
Artist / Band: Miles Davis
Album: Kind of Blue
Bass: Paul Chambers
Year: 1959

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 5, 2009

Dreaming of You

Lovely tune, great bassline.

Song: Dreaming of You
Artist / Band: The Coral
Album: The Coral
Bass: Paul Duffy
Year: 2002

Bass tab (external link)

Oct 2, 2009


Another britpop band), Elastica was never as popular as Blur (let alone Oasis), but they did make some interesting songs. This one, featured in the movie Trainspotting, has a bassline that, as simple as it is, give the song very original feel. You can feel the texture of the strings.

Song: 2:1
Artist / Band: Elastica
Album: Elastica
Bass: Annie Holland
Year: 1995

Oct 1, 2009

Lovely Rita

Another one by Paul McCartney. I love how this bassline changes from intro to verse to chorus (similar to intro) to ending. Only McCartney could create something so groovy and so melodic at the same time.

Song: Lovely Rita
Artist / Band: The Beatles
Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Bass: Paul McCartney
Year: 1967