Aug 17, 2009

Diamonds on my windshield

This is from The Heart of Saturday Night, the second Tom Waits album I ever bought (the first one was Raindogs and the third, Bone Machine. That's quite a range!). I really, really love his work - and he is my favourite artist, so it's just logical that some of his songs should feature here.

I could post one of his songs featuring Les Claypool - and I probably will one of these days - but I think this one, from his second album, ha a great example of a jazzy walking bass that really drives the song throughout its 3:12 minutes. Played by Jim Jughart.

This was played on a double-bass, and it should be hard to play it on a bass guitar and achieve the same sonority (well, a fretless bass could have a better chance). I wish I had taken double-bass classes (I actually had a couple of lessons, but left the music school for an internship - what a shame).

Song: Diamonds On My Windshield
Artist / Band: Tom Waits
Album:The Heart of Saturday Night
Bass: Jim Jughart
Year: 1974

Bass Tab (external link). Warning: looks like this is the transcription from another version.

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  1. Wonderful bass lines, thank you very much, Mr. Hughart (!) !

    Walter Weber