Aug 31, 2009

Tommy the Cat

Ok, since we have already posted a Tom Waits featuring Les Claypool, here's a Les Claypool (well, Primus) featuring Tom Waits.

Funny thing: I love Les Claypool bass playing - this particular bassline is extraordinary, out of this world really -, but I was never a big Primus fan. However, there's no way of denying the power of Les Claypool as a bass player. Really groovy, really percussive. And quite complex, too. These are not simple basslines, and require a lot - a LOT - of practice. Yes, Les Claypool is an unbelievable player.

Oh, Tom Waits is the voice of Tommy the Cat, by the way.

Song:Tommy The Cat
Artist / Band: Primus
Album:Sailing the Seas of Cheese
Bass: Les Claypool
Year: 1989

Bass tab (external link)

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