Nov 27, 2009

Seven Nation Army

Ok, this is the most controversial post so far. Yes, I know that The White Stripes are Vocal + Guitar + Drums. No bass nor bassists. Everytime a bass player says he has been playing "the bass intro" of this song on the bass, another one will claim that this song hasn't got one. And I beg to differ.

The sound range of bass and guitar (specially one using an octave pedal) might overlap (see, so it's not a complete absurd to call that intro a "bassline". In fact it is a bassline, played on guitar. What if it was arranged on a keyboard, or as VST, wouldn't it be called "bass line" as well?

Performed on a bass or not, this is a bassline, I say!

Song: Seven Nation Army
Artist / Band: The White Stripes
Album: Elephant
Bass(well, guitar actually): Jack White
Year: 2003

guitar tab (external link)

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