Nov 16, 2009

My Girl

Although James Jamerson didn't get much credit for it, he is one of the most influential
bass players ever, for his work with Motown Records. Jamerson is said to have influenced, among others, Paul McCartney, Victor Wooten, Jack Bruce, John Entwistle and Jaco Pastorius - and that's to mention only bassists who have already been discussed on this blog.

So let's start giving Jamerson some notoriety here: the bassline for My Girl, recorded by The Tempations, is one of his best-known pieces of work. It features a very recognisable bass intro.

Song: My Girl
Artist / Band: The Tempations
Album: The Temptations Sing Smokey
Bass: James Jamerson
Year: 1965

bass tab (external link)

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