Sep 3, 2009

Stir It Up

Reggae, at last! This is a musical style that really favours the bass: you can really hear the bass on a reggae song. Bass players such as Aston Barrett, bass player for the Wailers and creator of so many lines, are the ones who gave reggae music a great deal of its sonic identity. Barrett was a great influence on modern bassists like Flea, for instance.

Plus, he has 52 children.

On a personal note, that's one of the first bass lines I've been taught how to play.

Song:Stir It Up
Artist / Band: Bob Marley and The Wailers
Album:Babylon by Bus
Bass: Aston Barrett
Year: 1978(?)

Bass tab (external link) - Warning: the bass tab might reference another version of this song.

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